Crowdsourcing the geotagging of Pittsburgh's historical photos

I created Retrographer to help residents strengthen their relationship with Pittsburgh by understanding its history on a precisely local level through photography.

After three years living in Pittsburgh I came to love the city's rich history, and the imprint of this history on the city's built environment today. Though I love all old photos, the ones I find most engaging are pictures taken of the streets and buildings I walk by every day.

Based on this insight I decided to build Retrographer; an effort to catalog all the historical photos of Pittsburgh geographically.


Old photos are great, but seeing them from the same vantage 60 years later is 100 times more interesting.

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I worked with the Digital Research Library to get access to thousands of cataloged high resolution images from the Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection.

I built Retrographer.org from the ground up (Ruby On Rails, jQuery etc...) to host these images and allow anybody to geotag a photo if they know where it was taken.

So far over 5,000 photos have been tagged!

River Traffic

Still often a parking lot. View on Retrographer

Oakland Street Scene

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Kroger Warehouse

No history books write about what used to be in an empty lot you come across, but with geotagged photos you can see for yourself how a block has changed. View on Retrographer