Chef's Bag

Because chefs shouldn't have to carry their gear around in tool boxes

Posed with the prompt to create a softgood that had something to do with eating, we found an unmet need in a bag for professional chefs.

Spring, 2009

Because most chefs own their own knives and other tools, they often have to carry them around between jobs and home. Currently there are rolls for carrying around basic knife sets, but if a chef wants to bring more than just knives with them the usual solution is to buy a metal tool box and use that. This works fine for some chefs, but bringing a tool box on your bike, or onto a bus becomes awkward.

We thought there had to be a better way. If we carry our laptops to work in backpacks or bags, why can't chefs do the same?


As the physical objects that they use more than anything else, a chef's knives and tools are very important to them. We found this picture as an example of what one chef carries with them every day.

Source: Matt Hinckley (flickr)

Our solution: a simple backpack with a sturdy compartment for knives (to keep the blades sharp, and protect the wearer) and flexible dividers to keep everything else in order.


The bag has a detachable compartment for knives which is stiff and re enforced. The knife compartment is buckled onto the large general section and then tightened down to keep everything secure.


The knife compartment has two layers with movable dividers to fit any collection of knives. Perfect for the chef who mixes and matches knives from different sets.

The larger compartment has Velcro dividers, much like a camera bag. This simple system allows for some organization without imposing any specific scheme.

Knife Insert